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Delaware Payday Loan Laws and Legislation

Under payday loan is understood an amount of money given to a person in advance against his next paycheck. When a borrower applies for a loan, a lender checks his recent income history in order to be sure that a customer is creditworthy and is able to make repayments. According to this an amount of loan is decided as well as the terms of repayment. However in Delaware things are simple in some cases with payday lending; in others it is more complicated.

Payday loan legislation has not always been as it is now and there were a lot of arguments on the account. There were two opposing side: those in favor and the others against the whole idea of payday lending. Recently even County Bank and other large institutions in the same field have stopped granting payday loans.

At the present moment the state law reads that payday loans are permitted in Delaware State under small loan act or licensing law.

It is normal in the majority of states to require a borrower's signature before giving a loan. A borrower is either signs loan documents or an agreement of some sort. This is a usual practice of such lending. However, Delaware laws require also thumb print from a borrower apart from the actual signature. This requirement was introduced with the aim of protecting the residents of the state form the fraudulent actions of dishonest lending companies. And such a measure did really produce effect - as of 2010 it reduced the rate of fraud cases by 60%, which is quite an indicator. Moreover, such a feature is only characteristic for Delaware state law and it requires thump print from any borrower who applies for a loan no matter by what means - in person, online or by the phone. All the information concerning payday lending in the state of Delaware can be found in Del. Code Ann. tit. 5 § 2227 et seq. and also Del. Code. Ann. tit. 5 § 2744.

Repayment time is different in every state and also in every lending country but it generally cannot exceed or be smaller than the term of repayment stated in the state law. In Delaware the minimum repayment term is 60 days and a lender does not have a right to require the repayment before that term. Also, 4 rollovers are allowed for every borrower on each loan.

In terms of finance charges, fees or interest rates as well as APR there are no limitation to a lender - so lending companies decide on their own accord how much to charge a borrower and in what form. Fees and interest rates can be required to be paid daily, or weekly, or twice a month, or once a month and so on; generally it is agreed between the borrower and a lender.

The maximum amount of loan that a lender can give to a borrower is $500 at a time. No additional loans are allowed until the previous one is not repaid.

Delaware payday loan program is very beneficial both to lenders and to borrowers as they all quite profit by it. There are a lot of lending companies here that can offer their services to the residents of the state of Delaware. Among them is We are glad to be of assistance in the times when you may need a helping hand most and are always ready to provide you with the right sum of money. We make it easier to pay the bills, and fix damages and make your dreams come true.

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Payday Loans Offered: Yes
Max Loan Amount: $500
Loan Term: Less than 60 days.

State Regulator Information:
Delaware Office of the State Bank Commissioner
555 E. Loockerman Street, Suite 210
Dover, DE 19901
Phone: (302) 739-4235
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